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Top 7 Things to Do in the University Charlotte Area

Holidays in the University Charlotte area are only a matter of days, weeks, or a couple of months. But things to do and places to visit are often the most important questions. In this guide, you will discover a myriad of event options and insider tips on experiences you won’t want to miss out on if you find yourself in the University Charlotte area.

Living in the University Area in Charlotte

Being one of the fastest-growing metro areas, there’s something for everyone in the University Charlotte area. This area is always alive with outdoor activities not limited to sports, arts, shopping, and adventure. The environment houses nearly everything you will love to do with incredible outdoor adventure and sizzling city life. There’s just so much to explore here.

Have a Great Time with Nature at UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

Explore mother nature's beauty at the UNC Charlotte botanical gardens

If you love adventures in the woods, beautiful spring blooms, spectacular orchids, and lots more, then the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens may be the best option for you. The environment boasts of inspiring landscape architecture that you don’t often see around. One of the biggest points of attraction in the garden is the corpse plant which grows for 15 years and blooms in only two days. 

This alone attracts nearly 3,000 to 5,000 people every year, so you will want to see this. The UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place to visit for a quiet walk with fantastic displays of beautiful plants and flowers from all around the world. 

Immerse Yourself in Fun at the Exit Strategy North

 Check out different games that are available at the Exit North Strategy

Exit Strategy North offers an immersive, challenging experience. Even if you’ve done escape rooms before, you still need to check out the mansions at Exit Strategy North. The available games feature theatrical engagement, fantastic game masters, and a well-balanced and thrilling experience. With a wide variety of available games such as The Mansion, The Ruins, Patient Zero, and lots more, you can never run out of fun and exciting moments. 

Have a Great Time at the Jerry Richardson Stadium

 Check out different games that are available at the Exit North Strategy

The Jerry Richardson Stadium is a beautiful and highly spirited 15,000 seat capacity stadium. You can take advantage of opportunities to attend events here anytime you visit the University Charlotte area. It boasts of a well-marked and coordinated parking environment, solid and beautiful concessions with a beautiful football experience

Also, the Jerry Richardson Stadium has been praised for having the nicest bathrooms and most comfortable seating compared to most public stadiums or arenas.

Check out Indoor Glow and Fun Games at Monster Mini Golf

Explore different games with your family at the Monster Mini Golf

If you have a special taste for art and you want to experience the North Carolina-inspired artwork in its truest sense and most exciting manner, then an indoor glow time at Monster Mini Golf will be well worth your time. This is a great place to visit with your kids to enjoy animated twists and turns of monster games. While playing the games, you also get to enjoy the classic vintage music beats as you golf under the black lights of friendly monster worlds.

Enjoy Delicacies of Seafood at Harbor Inn Seafood Charlotte

Enjoy different delicacies of seafood at the Harbor Inn Seafood Charlotte

There’s nothing that is as close to awesome as delicious and affordable seafood. The Harbor Inn Seafood is your solid choice for a variety of daily specials of seafood meals loaded with shrimp, oysters, flounder, crabs, cole shaw, and lots more if you find yourself within the University Charlotte area. With several delicacies of jumbo-fried shrimp and hush puppies to die for, you will always want to come back there again and again.

Have a Family Fun Time and Reedy Creek Park

Check out the Reedy Creek Park with your friends and family

If you’re new to a place, it is always a great experience to have a nice, conducive, and lovely place to walk. But Reedy Creek Park offers a whole lot more than just a pleasant place to walk. It features different trails of mother nature in several and beautiful forms with pretty much everything from walks in the woods, miles of hiking trails, basketball courts, and lots more at the Reedy Creek Nature Preserve.

Schedule an Appointment for a Winning Smile at Winning Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in the University Charlotte area

Our Dentists at Winning Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

There’s a correlation between a beautiful smile and attraction. If you’re new to a place, you will want to attract as many positive vibes as possible. So you will want to glow with a beautiful smile that is both warm and magical. You can achieve this by requesting an appointment with Winning Smiles and Cosmetic Dentistry in the University Charlotte area.


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