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Simple Ways to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Have you ever come across someone with missing teeth? Can you tell how healthy the person’s smile is? Is that something you want? Do you want your smile to be perfect?.

Missing teeth do have a negative effect on your smile. A missing tooth can deprive you of reaching that excellent smile you previously had.

Missing teeth can affect your jaw and cause jaw stress. It can also cause irregular teeth alignment called malocclusion and can even affect your speech. Apart from its effect on you, it also takes away your smile’s charming and soothing effect on people. Now, those missing teeth are not only affecting you but also people that get inspiration from your smile. This is why tooth replacement is one of the best solutions.

About 57% of Americans are ashamed or insecure about their teeth, so they try not to smile to conceal their teeth. It’s quite easy to be among this multitude, but you do not need to be ashamed anymore, as tooth replacement is one option that will solve your worries.

You have excellent options for tooth replacement, and everything you need to know is listed in this article.

How to Replace Missing Teeth

To keep your oral health in check, you have to first take care of your missing teeth. There are several reasons for missing teeth, including gum disease and tooth decay which are the most common reasons why you need tooth replacement.

Missing teeth can cause distorted speech, jaw problems, malocclusion, etc. It can also cause problems with diet. You need to replace the missing teeth as the empty space can harbor bacteria that can cause gum diseases. It can also spread to other teeth causing you to lose more teeth than you already have.

Regardless of the reason for replacement, there are several options to replace the teeth. Here are some of them.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is one of the best tooth replacement options for replacing a single tooth or a few missing teeth. So, if you are missing more than one tooth in the same area, you may decide to get a dental bridge.

It bridges the gap caused by the missing teeth using artificial teeth or dental prosthetics. The prosthetics are attached to the teeth at each end of the gap. It is then bonded to the gum using dental cement.

There are different types of dental bridges, including implant-supported bridges and tooth-supported bridges. An implant-supported bridge is anchored on either side by an implant topped with a crown to hold the bridge in place. While a tooth-supported bridge anchors to the natural tooth.

Cost: $1000 – $3000 (without insurance)


  • It improves chewing after losing your teeth.
  • It prevents teeth from shifting and restores the smile.
  • It maintains the natural shape of your face.


  • It may require putting a crown over healthy teeth.
  • It does not correct bone loss in the jaw.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are also one of the options to replace your missing teeth. It is an option for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth in the same or different areas.

Dental implants require surgical procedures. The surgical procedures include mounting a titanium frame or post into the lower or upper jaw, depending on the affected area. After placing the implant, the dental crown can then be mounted, restoring the missing teeth.

Cost: $3000 – $6000 (without insurance)


  • It behaves like a natural tooth.
  • It can keep the adjacent teeth stable and in place.
  • It can help prevent gum disease by preventing plaque from forming under the teeth, thereby keeping off bacteria.


  • It may cost more upfront and require a longer healing time.
  • It requires surgical procedures.


Dentures are also an excellent and economical replacement option for missing teeth. They are a choice for people who lost all of their natural teeth or people who only have a few remaining teeth. It is an effective way to help you regain your smile.

Dentures include two essential components: artificial teeth and a base to keep them in place in the mouth. The base connects and holds the set of teeth right in the mouth. Dentures are one of the most popular of all tooth replacement options.

Cost of Full Dentures: $700 – $2500 (without insurance)


  • It is comfortable and easy to use.
  • It restores your smile and activates your beautiful face.
  • It allows you to chew and eat perfectly.


  • The bottom arc can sometimes move around in the mouth.
  • It does not attend to bone tissue loss in case of missing teeth.


Another replacement option for missing teeth is the flipper. Flippers are similar to dentures, but they can flip in and out of their positions. They are a type of partial denture but do not depend on any surrounding teeth to stay in place and are a remedy for missing teeth.

Flippers reduce the flow of saliva, preventing it from reaching the gum. This increases the risk of gum recession as it restricts the action of saliva that prevents cavities and protects against gum diseases. Regardless of this, flippers make a good replacement for your missing teeth.

Cost: $300 – $500 (without insurance)


  • It is highly affordable.
  • It requires little preparation.
  • It is easy to wear.


  • It is not very durable.
  • It poses a risk of gum recession by keeping saliva away from the gum.

Stay Plates or Partial Dentures

Stay plates, or partial dentures, are similar to full dentures; however, they are mainly for people missing their front teeth. Partial dentures include prosthetics and metal clasps that help them stay in place.

Using stay plates or partial dentures includes mounting prosthetics to the area of the mouth where teeth are missing. The metal clasps help put the prosthetics in place, keeping them from moving. The metal clasps are mostly visible when used.

Cost: $1200 to $1800 (without insurance)


  • It is quite easy and fast to prepare.
  • It helps restore your beautiful smile.
  • It does not break easily.


  • It aids bacterial build-up by allowing food particles underneath the dentures.
  • The metal clasps are visible and can be a dent in your smile.

If you feel the need to replace your missing teeth, visit your dentist for restoration options. Visit Winning Smiles Family & Cosmetics Dentistry for tooth replacement services in the University Charlotte area. You can also come for regular dental check-ups to maintain your oral health. Contact us now!

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