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Put Your Oral Health First in 2022!

Oral health is usually not considered when thinking about overall health and well-being. But here’s the fact – your oral health is a window to your overall health. 

Waiting for lingering tooth pain before visiting the dentist isn’t the best approach to maintaining good oral health. There’s no better time than now to start putting your oral health first.

The cost of poor oral health goes well beyond having bad teeth. Read on to discover why you should prioritize your oral health in 2022.

You Should Never Wait for a Toothache Before You Schedule a Dental Visit

It is a common habit to wait for a problem to develop then start looking for solutions when the problem could have been prevented from happening in the first place. 

Usually, we wait for tooth pain that lingers on before we schedule a dental visit. On assessment, the dentist discovers there are undiagnosed and untreated cavities. You may be at risk of an advanced stage of a periodontal infection. 

You may be wondering why this happened, after all, you brush and floss too. Those are very good, but complete oral care goes beyond brushing and flossing alone. Good dental habits also involve paying attention to what you eat and regular dental examinations that will help you prevent serious issues from springing up. 

Oral health is very important to overall health, and taking care of your oral health holistically means taking care of your well-being.

Is Preventive Dental Care Important?

Poor dental hygiene extends beyond just your mouth. That is, beyond gum diseases and cavities, there are consequences for poor dental care. Here are the top reasons preventive dental care is very important to developing a winning smile.

Avoid Serious Health Problems

The mouth is considered the pathway to the inner body. When bacteria build up in the mouth as a consequence of poor oral care, they can travel down to the body systems and set different forms of health conditions in motion. 

For instance, people with undiagnosed or untreated periodontal diseases are more likely to come down with stroke than those who do not have periodontal diseases. 

Bacteria originating from periodontal diseases can also find their way into the lungs and cause a host of respiratory problems such as pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

Early diagnosis of oral health problems is important in preventing more serious dental and health problems. Apart from helping you prevent these issues, early detection prevents you from having to spend much more money managing serious dental problems or more serious health problems originating from untreated dental issues. 

But dental problems may not present with any visible signs or symptoms. One could have decaying teeth and bacteria-ridden gum tissue, yet the problems may not be noticeable or present with any pain. 

While a visual examination is an important aspect of dental diagnosis, there are cases that require specialized dental equipment such as intraoral cameras for more effective diagnosis. 

Get Education On Maintaining Good Oral Health

Most annual visits to the emergency room (ER) are due to preventable oral health problems. Hence, Preventive dental care through regular checkups and continuous oral health consultation with dental professionals is key to staying on top of your oral health in 2022. 

Even some of the most serious dental problems don’t present with tooth pain or any visible symptoms. So you do not have to wait till the problems have already set in. 

You can begin by putting your dental insurance to good use. However, many people mistakenly believe that the coverages provided in their dental insurance are enough for complete standard dental care. Most coverages have limits on how diagnostic and preventative services can be offered. 

But the perception that dental insurance has coverage for 100% of preventative services can be misleading in the sense that it can only go so far for basic dental assessments or maybe a cleaning service. The truth is there are certain dental concerns that require more advanced diagnostic testing for which basic dental examination won’t be able to detect.

Benefit from Routine Dental Examination

Most people delay a dental visit until there’s a problem. A complete dental checkup involves more than just an assessment of your teeth. It also involves careful examination of the health of your gums, tongue, and even possible signs of cancer. 

We strive to provide patients with the best dental experience at Winning Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Schedule an appointment to be on top of your oral health in the University Charlotte area.

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