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Black people have had a fundamental part in American history for centuries. Their value and contribution to American society should not be overlooked. Also, the part they play in the American community should also not be distorted or ignored.  For this reason, we’re taking the time to promote their contributions and roles in American society.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to share the impact of the Black heritage in our lives and within the University Charlotte area. 

Overview of the University Charlotte Area

The University area of Charlotte is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. The University Charlotte area is home to the University of North Carolina, University Research Park, and so many sizzling side attractions within the city life. 

There’s something for everyone in the University Charlotte area, regardless of age, race, or gender. As the rich, vibrant culture of Charlotte continues to evolve, we recognize the contributions of Blacks in our community as they have shaped the society around us.

Diversity & Inclusion in the University Charlotte Area

The University Charlotte area is well-known for fostering a culture that promotes inclusion, diversity, and equality. This is achieved by recognizing human identities and qualities. 

Far back in the 1890s, African Americans living in the black middle class had practiced law and medicine successfully in the Charlotte community. They operated businesses that were not limited to restaurants, drug stores, and real estate.

Important Figures in Transforming the City of Charlotte

The history of the University neighborhood of Charlotte will be incomplete if we do not talk about how some blacks have transformed the city into what it is today. 

You’ve probably heard the names Daniel Sanders, Harvey B. Gantt, and lots more. Daniel Sanders changed the white-led only leadership culture of Johnson C. Smith University (formerly Biddle University) in 1891 when he became the first Black president of the university. 

Harvey B. Gantt was Charlotte’s first Black mayor. Beyond that, he was an architect who designed some of the city’s remarkable landmarks, which we know today. Charlotte Transportation Center and Friendship Missionary Baptist Church were both developed by Harvey. 

These landmark achievements by these black men contributed to the easing of the racial divide at that time and more recognition for the black community. 

Inspiring Moments in Charlotte’s Black History

You’ve probably heard how the courage of Black men and women shaped the history of Charlotte. But it’s not just about slavery and farming, as most people think. The University Charlotte area is home to cultural, historical, and academic achievements. 

Notable contributions of blacks like Harvey Boyd to the Mecklenburg County seal, the integration of Charlotte public schools by Dorothy Counts-Scoggins, and contributions of Frederick Douglas Alexander, Sr. to the American civil rights movement have shaped the University area of Charlotte’s prosperity and growth. 

The Charlotte Spirit in the University Charlotte Area

Tenacity amid trials and triumph over adversity has always been the hallmark of the Black spirit in the University Charlotte area. 

Far back into the 1890s, amidst statewide political strife and nationwide depression, the Charlotte community was still able to achieve economic success through strategic political alliance, expansion of voting rights, and legislations that expanded more opportunities for ordinary people. 

It was in the spirit of unionism that made both Black and White leaders work together and develop Charlotte into a community that it is today where Whites and Blacks can live and thrive together. 

At Winning Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Black history means so much to us. We’re using this opportunity to call for a solid reflection as we think about the men and women who risked so much to help us achieve the rights that we have as Blacks today. 

This is well reflected in the University Charlotte area, where you can find blacks co-existing with whites as well as even thriving black-owned businesses. But Black History Month isn’t just about February alone, it is about every day, and it is beautiful to share that information and knowledge as far as it can reach. 

We are proud to be part of the University Charlotte community. Feel free to contact us for dental services in the University Charlotte area.


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